Plant the Seeds of Success in Your Yard

Beautify your yard with our landscaping services in Centennial, CO

The landscaping services that Garfio’s Landscaping LLC offers add color to your lawn and new life to your garden. We’re devoted to turning your uninspired yard into a real masterpiece.

After we take a look at your yard and work with you to form a plan, we’ll start making the changes you need, including:
Mowing the lawn | Edging the sides | Sprinkler systems | Trimming the trees | Pruning the shrubs

Call 720-490-1686 today to get a free estimate on landscaping services in Centennial, CO.

Tree Services

Tree Services

Clear away fallen limbs from your house and driveway.



Maintain your yard with our attentive weeding and edging.

Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems

Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems

Install or repair sprinklers in and around your yard.

Outdoor Design

Outdoor Design

Add hardscaping like walkways and patios to your home's exterior.

Choose a landscaper respected throughout Aurora, Parker and Centennial, CO

A skilled landscaper knows how to bring out the best in your yard. We can add patios and paths, making your home a better place to host guests. A gorgeous stone patio in your backyard provides a great setting to invite your friends over and listen to them gawk over your new and improved lawn.

Worried you won't remember to water your grass and plants? Don't fret. We'll install a sprinkler system in your yard to keep everything lush and green.

Hire a landscaper in Centennial, CO today to see your yard as you've never seen it before.

Keep your home clean and tidy

Don't let leaves clutter your gutter. Dedicated experts from Garfio's Landscaping will clear out your gutters so rainwater can travel smoothly through them. Leaves and twigs make your yard look unkempt. We can dispose of them for you.

Our landscapers work efficiently to complete each task. We don't stop until the job is completely done.

Contact us today to request landscaping services in Centennial, CO.

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